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gear coupling

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gear coupling

NGCLZ brake wheel drum gear coupling

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NGCLZ drum type gear coupling is a kind of drum gear coupling. The difference is that the common drum coupling is NGCLZ with brake drum crown gear coupling. The moving wheel can adjust the rotation speed of the machine by controlling the rotation speed of the brake wheel. Compared with spur gear couplings, NGCLZ with brake drum crown gear coupling allows for greater angular displacement, improves tooth contact conditions, improves torque transmission, extends service life, and has angular displacement. The contact state along the tooth width is composed of an inner ring gear having the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with outer teeth.
  NGCLZ with brake drum crown gear coupling, the two shafts produce relative angular displacement. The tooth surfaces of the inner and outer teeth periodically slide axially relative to each other, which inevitably forms tooth surface wear and power consumption. Therefore, NGCLZ belt system The moving drum crown gears need to work in a good and sealed condition. The NGCLZ drum-type gear coupling has the same radial size and large bearing capacity as the gear coupling. It is often used for shaft transmission in low speed and heavy load conditions, high precision and dynamic balance gear. The coupling can be used for high speed drives.
   For use with brakes, for metallurgical machinery and heavy machinery requiring braking components
    NGCL type - basic type with brake wheel;
    NGCLZ type - with brake wheel connected intermediate shaft type;

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